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Avion Tool

3D Printing Services

3D Printing has grown tremendously over the past few years and so Avion has decide to jump into the field of printing and start with FDM printing of plastics for prototype as it is substantially cheaper than generating a machined part for visual and functionality testing.

Avion has the ability to produce your part out of different plastics for prototyping and light duty functional parts from your supplied solid model file or Avion has the ability to engineer your part for you at additional costs if needed.

Since Avion is a machine shop we can take your printed part and do any post printing processing that may be required for multi print fitment or tight tolerance machining of required features after printing.

Laser Etching Machine

3D Printing is also excellent for making custom gifts or ornamental items for work or home that can serve a functional purpose or just be for decoration.

Currently Avion has the ability to produce prints that fit into a window of 300mm X 300mm x 400mm with plans to expand the window in the future.


Do you own a 3D Printer already and would like to have your printer in an enclosure to control the temperature and produce better quality prints without lifting? Avion can help with that as well and design and build you a custom enclosure to your printers specifications.

We can build a full standing enclosure with a storage cabinet as pictured or just a desktop enclosure if desired with panels as pictured that help with sound deadening and temperature control with an acrylic window on the front door of your desired color or clear and the ability to engrave the window with your logo and/or company name if desired.

Contact us for your printing needs as we are more than happy to provide a quote to you.